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  1. Periodontics Perspective in Identification and Age Estimation
    Thorakkal Shamim
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2014; 1(1): 18-22
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.163440

  2. Determination of Stature From Ulnar Length in Nepalese Population
    Dr. Subodh Kumar Yadav, MS, Dr. Birendra Kumar Mandal, MD, Dr. Abhishek Karn, MD
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2015; 2(1): 5-8
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.1323

  3. Plants and Their Toxic Constituent's Forensic Approach: A Review
    Ritika Gupta, Vinod Dhingra
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2015; 2(2): 15-26
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.174977

  4. Fast and simple procedure for preliminary investigation of synthetic cannabinoids in plant matrix using infrared ATR (Attenuated Total Reflectance) spectroscopy
    Tibor Veress, Júlia Nagy
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2015; 2(1): 21-25
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.166647

  5. Effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy on anxiety, stress and depression of pregnant adolescents: a randomized clinical trial
    Mohamad Narimani, Seyed Khadijeh Seyed Musavi
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2015; 2(1): 1-4
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.167903

  6. A Study of Suicidal Deaths in central Nepal
    Nuwadatta Subedi; Tej Prakash Chataut; Anmol Pradhan
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2015; 2(2): 5-9
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.996

  7. Morphological Patterns of Lip Prints in Relation to Gender in a Defined Cohort
    Dr. Abhishek Karn, Rachana Karna, Prava Bajgain, Dr. Birendra K Mandal
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2015; 2(1): 14-17
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.173146

  8. Driving under the influence (DUID): Prevalence of drugs in oral fluid
    Amparo Arroyo, Eneko Barberia, M. Teresa Marron, Jordi Medallo
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2014; 1(1): 13-17
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.165152

  9. Pneumothorax in a Case of Electrocution- An Autopsy Report
    JAYANTH SH, Dr. Girish Chandra YP
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2014; 1(1): 23-25
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.165359

  10. Recurrent Suicide Attempt Cases in Diyarbakir, Turkey
    Muhammed Ziya KIR, Ercan Gündüz, Mehmet N. Güllü, Cem Uysal, Mustafa Korkmaz, Mustafa İçer, Yılmaz Zengin, Hüseyin Gürbüz
    Eur J Forensic Sci. 2014; 1(1): 9-12
    » Abstract & References » doi: 10.5455/ejfs.165199



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